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Wednesday July 13, 2016

We are now officially moved into Pacific Country Stables.  The horses settled in immediately and are loving their new surroundings.  We can’t wait to go on our trail rides at Campbell Vallley Park. The show season so far has been a success.  K-Vida MB jumped in the Thunderbird ring for the first time in the July show at 1.10m.  She was bold, brave and jumped well.  Both Allie Cat and Diva Angelique competed in the 1.20m divisions in the grass Grand Prix field and loved it.  Now we prepare for the August show in Tunderbird. Two new horses have entered the Grand Prix Horse Development program.  One is the 2008 Hanoverian mare Queen Rathena that is part of the Hanoverian Jumping Breeding Program.  She stands 16.2hh and her breeder Linda Hunter has spoken very highly of both her personality and ability.  The second mare is Xela, a 17hh 2008 CWHBA mare by Capone I.  Exciting times ahead 

Thursday November 5, 2015

Diva Angelique and Ella, Lounetta Z and Susan, Lordano Z and Ingrid, Allie Cat and Fanny and Parker and Sara, Vida MB and Isauro are all enjoying the month of November working on poles on the ground, work without stirrups and flat work.  Diva, Lounetta and Allie have the month off jumping and will focus on cavaletti and flat work.   Lordano and Parker will continue to jump up and improve their bascule.  Vida has started her jumping and is displaying a very steady rhythmn and scope.  We are all excited about the significant progress on both horses and riders.

Wednesday July 08, 2015

Allie Cat ended up resere champion in the 1.15m Jr/Ami division with her owner Fanny Dunner.  Both Allie Cat and Fanny were enjoying flowing over the courses.  They did two classes and were 1st in one and 2nd in the other.  We will prepare for the upcoming August Thundberid series for Allie and Fanny to compete in the 1.20m Jr/Ami division. 

Monday September 23, 2014

Allie Cat ended up 2nd place in the $10,000 BCHJA 1.30 - 1.35m Fall Finale Grand Prix.  The fiels was composed of many horses that had been competing in the Grand Prixs and 1.40m plus classes during the year. this was Allie Cat’s first incursion into the 1.30m+ division and she came through with shining colours.  Nobody expected this cute, pretty mare to be able to jump the way she did.  She was brave, fast and careful.  We were beaten by Kyle Kind on a horse that had been competing at 1.50m in Europe.

Thursday September 19, 2014

We are now in the BCHJA Fall Finale at Thunderbird Show Park.  The August Thunderbird was a great success.  Candillo Junior did well in his first Hunter Derby placing 10th in the $15,000 USHJA Derby.  Ella McLeod and Fanny Dunner ended up doing the victory gallop in the 1.25m classic and the 1.15m classic respectively. I rode Allie Cat in the 1.20m $10,000 Signature Spurs Classic and ended up in 4th place.  With 6 to go I was sitting in 1st.  Allie Cat was fantastic.  We are looking forward to this show.  Ella will make her 1.30m debut and Allie Cat with myself riding will be doing the $10,000 1.30m Classic.

Monday July 28, 2014

Candillo Junior competed in his first Hunter Derby and was very good.  As usual for him, he willingly tried to figure out what this new type of competition is all about.  The very first class he was convinced there must be a trick somewhere since here he was at a competition and the jumps were much smaller than what he is used to.  After the first round he realized that there is no trick and that it truly is all he needs to jump.  He relaxed and started understanding what this new environment is all about.  On the day of the $10,000 Hunter Derby itself, he was relaxed and confident.  On the one option oxer that had shadows and was the cause of several horses stopping, Candillo Junior powered over it in a way that popped me out of the tack.  I was not expecting a 1.40m jump over a 1.10m fence.  Lots of fun. I am very fortunate to be working with such a willing partner.  His rider for the Hunter Derbies, Ashley Papalia, was injured so it was I who had to ride him.  Fortunately she coached me and showed me the way Hunter Derbies need to be ridden.  We are looking forward to Candillo Junior’s career as a Hunter Derby horse.  He is enjoying it and I am confident Ashley will form a fantastic partnership with him in competition.

Thursday July 17, 2014

This year Candillo Junior’s semen had not been shipping well.  After looking into the variables an discussions with Dr. Samper it has become apparent that based on the fact that he produces so much semen and is able to store large quantities due to the size of his testicles, we will need to collect him frequently in order to keep the motile sperm at a higher percentage level. Mares that are being bred locally are getting pregnant.  The motility when shipped has been unnacceptable. Therefore starting immediately we will be collecting him several times per week regardless of wheter he has breedings or not in order to keep his motile sperm at levels that will impregnate mares with transported fresh cooled semen. His frozen semen is working well with impregnating mares since the semen quality itself, morphology, concentration is good.  The motlie sperm per collection as a % increase as he is collected regularly.  Therefore we will do so in order to keep his motility at higher levels.

Monday July 14, 2014

Phabio successfully completed his first Training Level event going clear in the Cross Country phase and ended up 6th place.  This was a challenging course with several questions that were also included in the preliminary level course.  For video click HERE. The questions included a drop with a wall three strides out on a broken line, going up a double bank to the road and jumping a fence on the edge of the road down into the slope on the other side, jumping a skinny that  you had to roll back onto after a long gallop that was placed on a narrow path going down hill, a 2 stride in and out towards the water with the C element being the jummp out of the water at a 90 degree angle to the double and other tests of bravery that he passed with flying colours. He proved to us that he has the pace, heart, stamina and determination to compete at the higher levels in eventing.  We look foward with anticipation to his continued development as a top level eventing horse..

Friday July 11, 2014

Phabio is ready to compete in his first Training division Horse Trials. We schooled at Campbell Valley Park on Wednesday July 9, 2014 and he was fantastic.  His favourite jump is the water.  He loves jumping in and out of the water and the splashing.  He finds it very interesting.  We did the Welldon’s wall and a few Preliminary jumps including a drop and five strides out a skinny.  He powered over the skinny and was very happy to be out in the field jumping. We can’t waiit for his being ready to compete at the Preliminary level where he will get to go at a speed that is in line with his need for speed.

Monday July 7, 2014

Candillo Junior will now embark in a career as a Hunter Derby Horse.  Ingrid has started riding him and is loving working with Candillo Junior.  After my last 1.30m class with him and after jumping him in the warmup a 1.45m square and wide oxer where he powered and cleared it by quite a bit, I had the realization that I should allow Candillo Junior to have an easier life in order for him to last me longer.  His recovery has been wonderful and I feel that it is not worth pushing my luck an risking a set back.   I will post pictures and video of him doing the hunter derbies as soon as they are available.    

Monday June 16, 2014

Phabio competed in his first ever event in the Pre-Training division and was a superstar.  He was sitting in first place coming into the Cross Country phase.  Click HERE for video of the dressage and showjumping phases.  Cross Country footage coming soon. We jumped the cross country flawlessly in a perfect time up until the turn coming to the last fence on course where he slipped, tumbled and I came off.  Allas the good old days of eventing where one could get back on and continue without fault is no more.   Thus in one slip of his hind end we went from 1st place to Eliminated.  His next event we will run the Training level.  It iwill be the MREC event in July.   Thursday June 12, 2014 Phabio  is in preparation for his first event ever.  He will be participating in the pre-training division at the MREC event taking place June 14 & 15th.  He has shown that eventing is his calling.  He had limitless energy and a very active mind.  We expect him to reach the highest levels in eventing and be very successful at it.  When we schooled him over the cross country jumps he proved to be a natural and was very clear in letting us know this is his calling in life.  He will therefore be allowed to pursue his path and no longer be in the GPHD.  The plan is to compete with him up to Preliminary level and then find him a rider who will take him to the top levels in eventing.   

Monday June 2, 2014

Candillo Junior completed his first two weeks of competition in over three years at Thunderbird Show Park.  He was happy, focussed and enjoying being at the show.  He was very confident in his courses and stayed sound.  We kept him in the 1.30m division.  His next show is the two weeks at Thunderbird Show Park coming up the last week of June and first week in July. We look forward with anticipation to his next competition.  

Friday March 7, 2014

Phabio has been steadily improving and is now finding his power.  He is a big boy that is proving to be very keen about learning new things and jumping.  We are looking forward with anticipation to his showing at Thunderbird Show Park starting in April 2014.  Bsed on how keen he is and how much he enjoys working it is likely that he will be with us until we develop him to his full potential.  He will very likely move up the divisions quickly since he is very bold and brave.   

Friday March 7, 2014

Candillo Junior has stayed sound and is very fit in anticipation of the upcoming show season.  We will start in the SEason Opener in Thunderbird Show Park doing a couple of 1.30m classes and then some 1.40m classes.  We will see how he responds and if all is good we will continue with his progress.  Our objecctive is to compete with him in the Grand Prixs this year. Today we jumped some gymnastics and it is a true pleasure riding him.  He is very fluid in his jump and has scope to spare.  This will be an exciting show season.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Candillo Junior goes into his first competition in a couple of years by doing one class a the Thunderbird Show Park BCHJA Fall Finale in teh 1.30m division.  He was brave and happy to be in the show ring again.  HIs legs stayed tight and the is ready to be prepared over the fall and winter to compete a full show season in 2014 starting wtih the outdoor Thunderbird Show Park Season Opener in late April 2014. We are delighted that he stayed sound after doing his class and that the leg did not show any signs of wear or tear. 

March 2013

Candillo Junior Starts Training March 2013 - We are very excited about Candillo Junior starting his trainnig to potentially compete again in 2013.   We have increased the work load and he is staying sound responding very well to the extra workload.  He is very happy to be working harder again.  He is loving all the attention and is cuddlier than ever. Lordano Z joins our team of stallions March 2013 - In February of this year we added a very interesting young stallion to our team.  Lordano Z is a 2006 16.2hh Zangersheide stallion by Louis Z (Lord x Ramiro Z) out of Caprice (Capitol I x Ahorn Z).  He is a very friendly stallion that is a compact power package.  The way he engages his hind end and moves is very unique.  I can’t wait to start competing with him in 2013. Welcome to the GPHD - Allie Cat, Egano A, Nicole II March 2013 - In November of 2012 we also welcomed to our team three new horses to develop to their full potential.  These horses belong to students that we are helping accomplish their equestrian dreams.  Allie Cat is an imported Oldenburg mare (Dimaggio x Latimer).  Egano A is an imported Belgian Warmblood (Nagano A x Fantastique).  Nicole is a Holsteiner mare (Cicero x Sylvestre).  This upcoming show season will be fun. V’Tropez catches second wind Occtober 2012 - V’Tropez is determined to keep breeding into next year, specially after I told him he will get to do live cover.   He has implemented a self-exercise program and is making sure he gallops in his field regularly.  Ingrid has started riding him bareback and yesterday was the first time she went for it ‘sans equipe’.  She rode him with no halter, lead rope or any attachment, just her and V’Tropez.  It was thrilling to watch.  V’Tropez arched his neck and started his magestic elevated canter with mini crow-hops.  Ingrid smilling all the way.  After one lap he gently did a smooth transition to the walk.  What a thrill. Candillo Junior now in turnout September 2012 - Candillo Junior is now finnally being turned out.  He loves being in his paddock beside his gelding friend.  The first few days he sure celebrated being outside much to our dismay since we thought he could re-injure his leg but it held up.  The ‘piece de resistance’ was when I forgot to put the 7’ electric fence over the 5’ gate......... I walked Meggie out of the barn and Candillo Junior was in his shed.  Next thing I know he picks up this lovely balanced canter and I thought to myself....”shucks!!  He is going to go for it...”  Well, he did.  It was beautiful to watch.  Perfect stride and take off spot.  Impeccable technique over the 5’ gate and very keen on breeding Meggie.  Meggie was very willing.  Luckily Ingrid came to the rescue, put Meggie in the barn and I put Candillo Junior back into his paddock.  The leg survived that as well.  Needles to say I put the 7’ wire over the gate every time now. I can’t wait to re-ultrasound in March 2013 which would give us the green light to start jumping again. Candillo Junior starts rehabilitation Occtober 2011 - Candillo Junior is sound and has started his slow path to getting back into work.  He is back into his full breeding duties and can start being collected. The plan is to have him walking only until the spring when we will ultrasound him again.  Assuming all is well he will then start work to compete all of 2012 in dressage.  We will re-assess at the end of the dressage season and if all is going well he will then start jumping smaller fences and he can perhaps compete all of 2013 in the hunter derbies.  Then assuming all keeps on track we will then start him over the bigger fences and aim to get him into the Grand Prix ring.  Phabio participates in his first shows August 2011 - Phabio competed in his first shows.  In his second show he was in the 3’ ring on grass (0.90m) and did very well posting clear rounds.  He is a natural jumper showing good scope and technique.  Most importantly he loves jumping and is a natural in the show ring.  Nothing phased him and he was very smooth.  Click here to see video of his round at Maple Ridge Equestrian Centre Osirus competes in his first 1.30m class  August 2011 - Osirus competed succesfully in his first 1.30m class at Thunderbird Show Park.  Earlier in the week he was 3rd in the 1.20m speed class with over 50 entries.  The competition was tough and Osirus rose to the occassion.  When the jumps were bigger he jumped better.  We are very excited about his progress and are looking forward to the 2013 show season.  Click here for video of his 3rd place round Candillo Junior starts rehab program August 2011 - Candillo Junior is pain free and sound.  Now the road to recovery begins.  He will only walk until April 2012 when we will re-ultrasound.  We expect him to be given the green light then to start work.  To maximize our chances to a full recovery for jumping we will then spend 2012 competing in dressage.  Then in the spring of 2013 we will re- ultra sound to determine whether we can start jumping again.  He has been a very good patient and is being very good while walking, full of energy but containing himself and following the walk program.  I am very impressed. V’Tropez lends a helping hand July 17, 2011 - While Candillo Junior is recovering, V’Tropez is helping out.  Several mare owners that had mares ready for Candillo Junior have opted to use V’Tropez while Candillo Junior recovers.  Others have decided to wait until next spring and only a couple have switched over to the frozen semen contract.  Osirus places 2nd in 1.20m in Grand Prix field at Thunderbird With a double clean round and a good time Osirus placed 2nd in the 1.20m open class.  Osirus continues to improve and impress us with his scope, carefuleness and competitive nature.  Now that Eddie Macken is back from Spruce Meadows we will be able to start training with him in preparation for the August show at Thunderbird. Big Red places 3rd in Ride & Rally at Thunderbird July 9, 2011 - Big Red and I had a ton of fun in the 1.20m ride & rally at Thunderbird.  The ride and rally is a speed class where after you finish the jumping you run to the adjacent ring, get in the RTV and then drive through cones that have tennis balls on top.  It is run under Table C where faults are converted to time and the combined fastest time of the jumping and driving wins.  Big Red is owned by Laura Sigurdson. Osirus places 3rd in Training II class in Grand Prix field July 4, 2011 - Osirus was third in the Training II class on Friday.  He had a clear round and a good time in the jump off.  I will be posting pictures of his show soon.  He was sharp and powering over the fences.  We only competed two days with him.  The first day he was 4th with a clear round in a speed class.  This coming week he will compete in the 1.20m classes. He only did 2 classes the first week and placed in both of them.  Very proud of him.  Candillo Junior - Recovering July 4, 2011 - Candillo Junior is back home and starting his recovery process.  He will need one year off to allow the injury to heal.  He will continue his breeding duties uninterrupted but his competitions will have to wait.  The confirmed diagnosis is a high upper suspensory injury caused by the torsion applied to the leg as he turned and the studs were stuck in the base of the warmup ring.  Candillo Junior sustains injury July 2, 2011 - While doing a turn to the right at the canter in the warmup ring Candillo Junior hurt his left shoulder.  The studs got stuck in the footing, his body turned and his leg did not. We do not know the extent of the injury nor the repercussions on his career as a competition horse yet.  I will post updates as I have them.  He is amazing all of us with the extent of his good will and kind nature during the diagnostic procedures.  He is fully trusting and remains calm.  When something hurts he simply shows us it hurts and is very careful with those around him. Prior to this he has been jumping very well in the show ring. It is said that you get to know someone's true colours in times of adversity and Candillo Junior is shinning.  My respect and admiration for him as an individual have gone to a higher level, one that I was not aware of until now. Meggie\s Foals growing and looking good June 21, 2011 - Both foals out of Meggie, Samira MB by San Ramiro and Vida MB by V'Tropez are doing very well and looking good.  Samira MB did no like the paddock she was in so she decided to jump out of it.  All she got for her efforts is a small scratch in the pastern of the left hind, remarkable considering the fence is 1.90m (6'4"). Vida MB is the confident, bold one and Samira MB is the sensible one who as long as food is present, she is game.  Samira is conformationally picture perfect and Vida is a powerhouse.  They are extremely friendly and complement each other very well.  They are literally joined at the hip doing everything together and rarely do you see them apart from each other. Candillo Junior starts competitions June 21, 2011 - Both Candillo Junior and myself are eagerly awaiting our journey together in the show ring starting with the Milner Downs show in late June proceeding to the Thunderbird show in June/July.  We will continue from there.   Having the opportunity to work with the legendary Eddie Macken has been a treat beyond description. It has been a long wait and fortunately Candillo Junior has been very patient.  He has remained sound, healthy and willing despite not being able to show very much since his arrival to North America.  He has been busy in the breeding shed and has produced some lovely foals.  Mare owners are very happy with the conformation, ability and personality of Candillo Junior's foals. I am delighted that not only is Candillo Junior an excellent horse to work with and ride but that he is also producing outstanding foals. Now the next stage begins.  Results in the competition ring......  Exciting...... Osirus successful in the grass ring at Thunderbird June 5, 2011 - Osirus competed successfully in the 1.20m divisions in the grass at Thunderbird.  We were delighted with his boldness and way of going.  He had time faults in most classes (too much time in the air) and only two rails in two weeks of competition.  He did end up placing 4th in one class and due to 1 and 2 timefaults respectively ended up 8th in the special 1.20m $1,500 classes on the weekend.  He will compete again starting in the 1.20m ring at Thunderbird in their June/July show.