Old Friends
Horsemanship Above Allt TM
For Paragon  For Paragon came to me after I visited him in Germany and absolutely loved him.  He had unfortunately been in a situation where the people his owner had entrusted him to did not understand him and he was refusing out in competitions. I was able to understand him well and had the pleasure of competing with him successfully in both dressage and show jumping.  I will remember him fondly and he has a very special place in my heart.    Capone I  Capone and I became good friends.  I worked with him for over a year at a critical stage in his life and had the pleasure of competing with him in the $25,000 Save on Foods Grand Prix and the $30,000 Twin Oaks Derby.   I have many fond memories of him in and out of competition and particularly one session where we jumped a 1.70m oxer that was 2.00m wide.  What power!.  Woodstock Magic  This horse had a tremendous sense of humour.  He used to love sneaking up behind me and quickly taking my cap off and flinging it far away.  He was extremely athletic and would quite often put his hind end 2 to 3 feet over the 4'3" fence.  He was bred by Sunsprite Warmbloods in Temecula CA where they have a breeding program that is at par with those in Europe. Lindo  This horse was a very powerful jumper that had started stopping before we got him.  We worked with him and he started enjoying his work once again.   My wife did her first 1.40m jumps with him and won several classes and championships.  A special horse. Lindo and Ingrid - Champions 1.10m Kaleb  Kaleb is an absolutely beautiful horse that has lovely movement and a smooth jump.  He was bred in California by Campbellot Farms who breed some fantastic horses and they price them extremely low.  They sell going, trained, athletic horses that are 6 years old for prices others sell their unbroke 3 year olds. Kaleb Cassanova Z  Nova came to me after he would not jump at home or at shows.  After a month of working with him I took him to a show and he did well.  I had him jumping 1.20m courses at home prior to passing him on to his owner's daughter to ride again.  He has amazing power and can use his hind end very well.  He is a friendly horse. Cassanova Z Cantour  Athleticisim to the nth degree.  My friend Cantour had been out of commission for several years since they had been unable to identify the source of his unsoundness.  I was able to rehabilitate him after a very careful and methodical program.  He is extremely athletic and has a very active brain.   I will never forget the feeling of jumping a horse whose scope and agility is really unlimited.  You would soar over the fences in a smooth arch.   The jump to your left is 1.30m. Cantour 1.30m Class Thunderbird Cotopaxi  This horse took 3 years to get him so he would be safe to ride.  When I went to pick him up at Monty Robert's place they strongly suggested I not even think about riding him and use him for breeding purposes only.  He had been through several behavioral specialists who all asked the owners to take him out of their stable.  I started his competition career and brought him to a place in his life where others can now ride him. Cotopaxi Rafaello Rafaello  After riding him in Europe, Raffaello came to me to work with since he had been misunderstood and would not jump.  He took very careful and specialized training to convince him to start jumping again and I enjoyed working with him.     After I passed him on I have not seen him showjumping. Paschal Paschal  Paschal kept impressing us day after day.  The first time we free jumped him I was completely surprised since I originally thought he would knock every jump down.  He did not touch a pole.  He won classes with me, Ingrid and Morgan.  Marilyn rode him every day.  He loved working and particularly going to shows.  When he was in the cross ties and saw the trailer moving his ears would perk up and he would drag you into the trailer.  At shows he was happy, focussed and ready to perform.  We will miss his antics - tossing feed buckets, ripping blankets, his faces.   A good friend to many Osirus  Osirus never ceased to amaze me with his wonderful sense of humour and extreme scope.  It took me two years to get him to realize there was technique involved in jumping and that if he used his body and power smartly, he could clear a fence over 1.60m with ease.    I have many fond memories and moments with Osirus.  Cuddles are very important to him.  No cuddles - well...... you have a tough ride on him....  We expect to see him do some wonderful things in his new life. OSJS
“Your hoofprints are etched in my heart forever”