Horsemanship Above Allt TM
Candillo Junior 2001 - 2015 17.1hh Holsteiner Stallion Candillo Z x Caretino x Lord x Raimond Candillo Junior’s foals are consistently inheriting his kind temperament, size and topline. As a riding and competition partner he was extremely willing to please.  He never said no to anything I asked of him:  going over narrow bridges with water running under on a trail ride, doing a half pass or jumping a big fence. He was a pleasure to be around on the ground, riding and when I took him to collect. He was always very respectful and aware of those around him.  He knew his power and was careful with it. Candillo Junior is now available via frozen semen only.  So far his frozen semen has a 100% conception rate.  See NEWS for semen information   
V’Tropez 1987 - 2014 16.2hh Selle Francais Stallion Galoubet A x Good Twist xx One of the few direct sons of Galoubet that stood in North America and as far as we know the only grandson of Good Twist xx who was actively breeding.  It is amazing that at his adavanced age he still produced semen with a motility of 75%+ and sperm counts of 160+ million sperm per ml. His offspring are freak jumpers that are very smart and love jumping.  Those who handle his foals consistently love how smart and quickly they learn.  Those who leave his foals unattended do not enjoy the results. Use him as a stallion if you want a freak jumper and will spend the time with the resulting offspring.  V’Tropez is available via frozen semen.
San Ramiro 1989 - 2014 16.1hh Hannoverian Stallion Sandro x Raphael x Wienerwald x Agram San Ramiro consistently produced horses that are ideal for the amateur rider.  Kind, simple to work with and with the ability to perform at the levels that most amateurs want to compete at. His foals are good all around horses who do well in dressage, hunters, jumpers and pleasure horses. Sadly we do not have any frozen semen of San Ramiro.  One of his daughters, Samira MB, is pregnant with a foal by Contefino.  Samira MB is at Fresh Tracks Farm    
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