Competition horses at various stages in their development. Each and every one of them with proven bloodlines, excellent work ethic and willingly perfoming their jobs. Fun horses to ride and work with on a day to day basis.


Standing at stud in Germany we have Lordan II, full brother to Nayel Nassar’s Lordan. Frozen semen available in Europe and North America. Frozen semen of Lordan II, Candillo Junior, V’Tropez and Weltwynd is available.


Photo gallery of old friends that we have had the good fortune of working with and finding good homes for.
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Grand Prix Horse Development Program / European Imports

Under our Grand Prix Horse Development Program / European Imports we select horses with both the physical ability and mental willingness to compete at the Grand Prix level in show jumping. Through a methodical and carefully laid out program the horses are developed to their full potential in a way that they enjoy their work and willingly compete giving their all with a strong physical conditioning program allowing them to remain sound through conditioning and not veterinary interventions. In many instances the horses are sold prior to our having the opportunity to compete with them in the Grand Prix ring.

Stallions at Stud

We have frozen semen of Candillo Junior (Candillo Z x Caretino x Lord x Raimond), V’Tropez (Galoubet A x Good Twist) and Weltwynd (Weltmeyer x Wendekreiss). If you are interested in breeding to any of our stallions we will be happy to work with you to produce an outstanding foal(s)
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