About Us
Horsemanship Above Allt TM
Our Mission Our Mission is to Help Horses Lead Happier Lives, One Horse at a Time TM While Providing a Healthy Financial Return to Stakeholders and Supplying Buyers Quality Horses at Competitive Prices.      Proven Bloodlines, Exceptional Results ™ Our Vision We envision a stable of Grand Prix and International Show Jumpers trained under the MIND tm training method where the horses willingly perform their job.  These super athletes will be conditioned utilizing proven physiological methodologies in order for them to remain sound and enjoy a long and successful showing career. Our Values The horse comes first.  We have assembled groups of investors who put the interests of the horse first.  We take our time developing our horses and allow them to pursue the careers that they are best suited for in terms of their physical, mental and emotional composition. We achieve this by forming strong partnerships and friendships with our horses Those equine athletes who wish to pursue a career other than Grand Prix and Intenational Level Show Jumping will be allowed to do so and we will find riders or homes for them to pursue their calling in life.  Horsemanship Above All ™ Our History We have been in love with horses for many years and have had the good fortune of working and learning from exceptional horsemen and horsewomen involved in various disciplines.  We have always kept our focus in one day assembling a group of horses to participate at the International level in show jumping.  That day is now.  Now the real adventure begins - putting all of life's lessons into practice and making the dream a reality. The husband and wife team of Ingrid and Isauro are fully dedicated to turning the dream into reality. Thank you for your support. "The only way I could get you off the horse was once you fell asleep.."