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Candillo Junior is a once in a lifetime Stallion.  We imported him from Germany in late August 2009.  Right from the beginning he has impressed all with his kindness and willing temperament.  Sadly he passed away in early 2015.  We will miss him and are honoured to have had him in our lives. He is available for breeding via frozen semen only Candillo Junior was born in 2001, stands 17hh, did his stallion testing in Schlekau Germany scoring 9.3 for his jump including a 10 for technique.  His overall test score (Gesamtnote) was 8.232 placing him 2nd of his test group. Candillo Junior is approved for breeding by Badden Wuettemburg, BWP, KWPN Erkend, Canadian Warmblood. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to be around.  Whether I am brushing him, taking him on a trail ride or gallop, working him hard in dressage, jumping him at a horse show or at home, taking him to collect or simply letting him eat grass in the field, he is always attentive, respectful and willing.  Candillo Junior is the type of horse that after he finishes a workout I can have anyone get on him and walk around to cool him off. Every day I see him and get to work with him I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.  What a gift.  For the latest news on Candillo Junior Click Here And then we jump....  that is his favourite activity.  I ride him with a simple french link snaffle and he is smooth, adjustable and powerful.  His sire Candillo Z, Champion of his 100 day test, stands at stud in Zangersheide and has proven to be one of the most successful progenitor sons of Cassini I. Candillo Junior's pedigree includes some of the best jumping bloodlines Holstein has to offer.  We are looking forward to his career as a competition and breeding stallion here in North America VIDEO Video of Candillo Junior taken in Dec 2009 - schooling session over 1.40m jumps DETAILED PEDIGREE ANALYSIS SIRE SIDE - CANDILLO Z Candillo Junior's sire, Candillo Z, was a jumping sensation at his keuring and 100 day test.  In keeping with his philosophy of either breeding the best jumping sires in the world or buying them, Leon Melchior of Zangersheide purchased Candillo and added him to his stable of amazing jumping stallions.   Candillo Z did not disappoint his new owner and proved to be successful both in the competition ring and in the breeding shed.  Candillo Z's offspring are competing successfully in the show jumping ring and Candillo Z is proving to be the most successful sire produced by Cassini I.  Candillo Z is 3/4 brother to the Olympic Team Gold Medalist Clarisson Vom Dach ridden by Will Simpson. Candillo Z's dam Desy is out of the famous mare Texas by Carneval x Lorenz.    Texas produced four licensed sons - the famous Flemmingh (Lacapo), Gaspari I & II (Grundyman xx) and Litorrio (Lord).  What makes this interesting is that Texas with Grundyman xx produced two approved sons.  In Candillo Z's dam Desy we have a daughter of Texas crossed with Grundyman xx also producing a licensed stallion Candillo Z. Of Cassini I there is not much more to say.  The amazing competitor that he was with the magical Capitol I x Caletto II cross.  To have him as the grandsire of Candillo Junior bodes well for Candillo Junior's career both in the showjumping arena and in the breeding shed. DAM SIDE - FLORENSE STAM 890 Candillo Junior's dam Florense stamm 890 is by the Holsteiner stallion Caretino. Florense is a daughter of Taura who also produced the approved stallions Ringo Starr (v. Ricardo) and Cesano I & II v. Caretino.  Taura also produced the international jumper Crocodile Dandy (Alison Firestone) v. Caretino and Conally v. Caretino.  In other words, Florense is a full sister to Cesano I & II, Crocodile Dandy and Conally. Florense's granddam, Maltia, is also the mother of Winja  who produced the approved stallions Casaretto v. Calypso I and Capone I & II v. Contender.  Taura is also the mother of Kira XVII who produced the approved stallion Casall v. Caretino.  In other words, Florense is half sister to both Winja and Kira XVII, producers of approved stallions. This is a very strong motherline having mares who consistently produce approved stallions and international jumpers. It is interesting to note the similarities in breeding between Candillo Junior and Eurocommerce Berlin.  Eurocommerce Berlin is by Casinni I out of a Caretino mare. Candillo Junior is by a son of Casinni I out of a Caretino mare. Caretino has proven to be a very successful producer of showjumpers with very good movement.  Three of his approved sons are successful as dressage horses.  Caretino won his 100 day test and has produced 18 approved sons, including Cheenook who is the sire of Meggie.  Caretino is one of Germany's top stallions, producing horses that excel in both the dressage and jumper rings. From the latest (2001) WBFSH rankings of top jumping sires, he is ranked #5 and is the youngest, at 18 years old, in the top ten. With more than 100 offspring, known for their astonishing movement and jumping ability, in sport, Caretino has 18 approved sons and 114 daughters, of which 12 are German State Premium. Recently Caretino was one of four to be accredited as an approved KWPN stallion without having been presented at the Stallion Show nor evaluated on the constitutional requirements of the KWPN. As a young stallion, Caretino won his 100-day test in the Holsteiner Verband with the brilliant scores of 9.0 and 9.5 in jumping and 9.0 in general performance with a total jumping index of 145. Candillo Junior has inherited the movement Caretino is known for passing on.  It bodes well for breeders who would breed to Candillo Junior wanting to produce a foal that not only jumps well but moves well. Candillo Junior's dam's dam Taura is by the combination Lord x Raimond.  Lord was also champion of his 100 day test and was one of the earliest stallions to be successful in sport.  Lord has over 60 approved sons.  Raimond is the sire of Ramiro Z who was also successful in sport and needs little introduction. Candillo Junior's strong motherline with the combination Caretino x Lord x Raimond makes him carry the blood of generations of proven producers of quality showjumpers.  The more I learn about breeding the more I realize the importance of a deep and strong motherline.
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